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An inactivated and bivalent vaccine containing lentogenic Newcastle Disease Virus strain V4 and Infectious Bursal Disease Virus are emulsified in oil adjuvant for inducing strong and long-lasting immunity.


Gampasol® Ingredients:

Newcastle Disease viral component of Gampasol® is cultured on embryonated SPF eggs, and Infectious Bursal Disease viral component is cultured in vitro in cell culture. Subsequently, they are inactivated by using Formalin. By this method, viruses lose their infectivity while retaining immunity-inducing capabilities. Then, inactivated viruses are mixed and added to the oil adjuvant. Finally, emulsification takes place for the preparation of final vaccine. This bivalent vaccine contains two major components:

l- Newcastle Disease Virus strainV4

2- Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (Gumboro Virus)

The vaccine content:

Each dose contains:

Newcastle Disease Virus strain V4      108.5 EID50  titrated before inactivation.

Infectious Bursal Disease Virus            106 TCID50  titrated before inactivation.



Gampasol® is a bivalent vaccine for the prevention of Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bursal Disease.

Dosage and Administration:

0.25 ml should be administered subcutaneously in the neck. For better injectability, keep the vaccine at ambient temperature for three to four hours before vaccination. Shake the bottle well before use. Better results will be obtained if the container is shaken intermittently during vaccination. All instruments must be sterilized prior to injection.

Warnings and Precautions:

  1. The immune response will be higher if the chickens are healthy and not stressed.
  2. A small but transient nodule may be observed at the site of injection.
  3. This product is for veterinary use only.





Store at 2 to 8 °C and away from direct light. Avoid storage below 0 °C or in direct contact with ice. Keep the vaccine at ambient temperature three to four hours before vaccination. The contents of each bottle should be used within 24 hours from the start of vaccination, and any remaining vaccine should be discarded as soon as possible.


Gampasol® is provided in 500 ml polypropylene bottles containing 2000 doses if 0.25 ml is injected.



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