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About Us

Pasouk knowledge-based company was stablished in 1994 to produce vaccines and biological products for veterinary medicine. In addition to meet the needs of the country and achieving self-sufficiency, innovation is at the forefront of goals. This company has 20 years of experience to production and supply of poultry vaccines, including Newpasol 101, Newpasol 102, Newpasol 103, Flupasol and Gampasol for the prevention and control of important diseases of poultry such as Newcastle, influenza and Gumboro. Recently this company has developed strategic vaccine of foot and mouth disease (FMD), highly pathogenic avian influenza strain (H5N8) vaccine, Newpasol 100 (NDV Strain GVII) vaccine and Pestivax vaccine for sheep and goat plague (PPR). Also HI Antigens are produced for diagnostic tests of influenza and Newcastle disease.
All biological products of Pasouk Company are produced by using high quality raw materials such as SPF embryonated eggs and the best oil adjuvant (made by Pasouk) in accordance with the highest international standards and GMP principles which are distributed after accurate quality control and the approval of the Iran Veterinary Organization.
Also, R&D department of Pasouk co has started extensive studies about other strategic products in different fields as well as researching and producing of other vaccines and biological products for livestock and poultry industry which we hope to see in the future.

The goals of the company are briefly:
Researching to produce the vaccines and biological materials used in the livestock and poultry industry in order to improve the quantity and quality and prevention of economic loss in this industry.
Iran’s self-sufficiency in the production of biological products and reduction of imports.
Creating job opportunities for graduates of veterinary, microbiology and other related specialties.

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