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Research and development management mission

The mission of this department is to create a suitable platform for explaining, planning, coordinating and controlling research activities in order to provide scientific solutions to solve the company’s problems in various fields.

This department has been responsible for the guidance and necessary activities for the development and presentation of new methodologies and strengthening the knowledge base at the company level, and it tries to use the experienced staff and the scientific foundations of the research topics of all departments of the company with the approach of knowledge management to Its dynamics will help.

Objectives of research and development management

This goal is determined based on understanding the needs, priorities, needs and strategies in the organizational framework.

Based on the above definition, the objectives of the research and development department of  Knowledge base  Pasouk are:

  • – Improving the level of knowledge through innovation
  • – Scientific support of current projects by finding current world class theories and models
  • – Finding potential applications for new achievements and knowledge
  • – Increasing the productivity of human activities
  • – Increasing self-reliance while facilitating and speeding up work
  • – Increasing competitiveness
  • – Providing higher quality services
  • – Providing new products and services
  • – Innovation according to the daily needs of customers

The main activities of research and development management

  • – Searching and providing new methodologies regarding current projects, researching a specialized issue regarding current projects and providing new standards and…
  • – Understanding the quality policy and aligning the activities of the unit in relation to them
  • – Formulating the objectives and quality plan of the research and development unit and proposing it to the senior management
  • – Efforts to realize research and development goals and plans and reporting to senior management
  • – Cooperation in identifying the risks and opportunities of the organization’s processes and trying to control them
  • – Modeling technology and methods of product production and service delivery from leading organizations
  • – Generating new knowledge in order to develop products and optimize processes
  • – Identifying the current and future needs of customers and planning to meet them
  • – Identifying exhibitions and events related to products and services
  • – Visiting exhibitions and events related to products and services and identifying new issues and presenting reports to management
  • – Discover and understand market opportunities and needs
  • – Participation in knowledge and learning flows
  • – Cooperation in analyzing the external environment and the company’s ecosystem to formulate business strategies
  • – Identifying ways to increase competitiveness in domestic and foreign arenas and active presence in global markets
  • – Research in order to improve product quality and reduce production waste
  • – Identifying smart solutions to reduce production costs
  • – Accurate analysis of the efficiency of the organization in providing products and services
  • – Cooperation in the preparation of related guidelines and implementation methods
  • – Identifying legal requirements related to products and services and updating them
  • – Cooperation in developing the product or service quality plan, including product purchase information, product control characteristics, test and inspection methods, packaging plan, etc.
  • – Participation in the process of designing and developing products and services
  • – Monitoring and measuring related processes and presenting to ISO management representative.
  • – Requesting corrective and preventive measures to eliminate actual and potential non-conformities
  • – Determining the educational effectiveness of the training courses of the trained employees of the quality control unit.
  • – Determining the training needs of employees and announcing to the training unit.
  • – Attending management review meetings and proposing issues related to the research and development unit
  • – Identifying the equipment and machinery needed to improve or develop the product