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Inactivated FMD oil vaccine (W/O) contains antigen of serotypes A(05&GVII), O(panasia2),  Asia1(sindh08).

This vaccine is used to control FMD disease in cattle, sheep, goat and buffalo.


Pasouk vaccine specifications:

  • Contains antigen of FMD serotypes circulating in Iran animal population:
    • A05/AGVII/Opanasia2/Asia1-sindh08
  • Inactivated vaccine: innocuity =0
  • Potency more than 6 : PD50>6
  • R-value=100% : as the local serotypes used- no similar serotype used
  • Accredited by Iran Veterinary Organization safety and sterility certification

Vaccine doses and administration:

  • 2 ml subcutaneously in cattle, calf, buffalo
  • 1 ml subcutaneously in sheep and goat
  • Prefer to be injected under the neck skin
  • For every animal should be used a separate needle
  • In calf reminder dose should be administered 21 days later
  • Calf age = 3 months or more

Vaccine Immunity period:

  • 6-9 months

Vaccine side effects

  • There is no any side effects expected for Pasouk FMD vaccine and can be used safely in highly pregnant animals.
  • No abortion is expected

Vaccine storage:

  • 4-8 degree C0
  • No freezing
  • Chain cold should be respected
  • Do not use the remained vaccine of a flacon
  • Keep from direct light and temperature


  • 100 ml flacon( 50 cattle doses , 100 sheep and goat doses)


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