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Pasouk FMD oil Vaccine contains Inactivated antigens of FMD serotypes viruses which circulate in the local animal population in Iran. This vaccine is used to control FMD disease in cattle, sheep, goat and buffalo in Iran animal population.

Pasouk FMD vaccine is manufactured according to international vaccine production standards. Pure inactivated viral antigens from culture of virus on the BHK cell line used for production of this vaccine. Inactivation of virus is done by binary ethylenimine and pure concentrated antigen used for vaccine production. Adding Pasouk Oil adjuvant, ingredients and thiomersal (1/20000) with micro emulsification and homogenization made it a safe vaccine for use. Vaccine is sterile and not contaminated with viruses, bacteria or fungi.


Pasouk vaccine specifications:

  • Contains antigen of FMD serotypes circulating in Iran animal population:
    • A05/AGVII/Opanasia2/Asia1-sindh08
  • Inactivated vaccine: innocuity =0
  • Potency more than 6 : PD50>6
  • R-value=100% : as the local serotypes used- no similar serotype used
  • Accredited by Iran Veterinary Organization safety and sterility certification

Vaccine doses and administration:

  • 2 ml subcutaneously in cattle, calf, buffalo
  • 1 ml subcutaneously in sheep and goat
  • Prefer to be injected under the neck skin
  • For every animal should be used a separate needle
  • In calf reminder dose should be administered 21 days later
  • Calf age = 3 months or more

Vaccine Immunity period:

  • 6-9 months

Vaccine side effects

  • There is no any side effects expected for Pasouk FMD vaccine and can be used safely in highly pregnant animals.
  • No abortion is expected

Vaccine storage:

  • 4-8 degree C0
  • No freezing
  • Chain cold should be respected
  • Do not use the remained vaccine of a flacon
  • Keep from direct light and temperature


  • 100 ml flacon( 50 cattle doses , 100 sheep and goat doses)


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