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Live-attenuated vaccine (W/O) contains strain Nigeria 75/1

This lyophilized vaccine is used for prevention and control of Peste des petits ruminants disease(PPR).


Live-attenuated vaccine against Peste des petits ruminants disease(PPR),strain Nigeria 75/1

Pasoupest® Ingredients :

Each dose of Pasoupest® vaccine contains:

Not less than 102.5  TCID 50 viruses of PPR.

Prevention of PPR disease in small ruminants (Goats and Sheep)

Administration and Dosage

Pasoupest® vaccine should be used subcutaneously in animals above 4 months.

Dissolve the freeze-dried vaccine in 100 ml solvent. shake until a clear solution is obtained .

The dose is 1ml , irrespective of age and weight.


Keep freeze-dried vaccine at-20°C.


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